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Introducing Instinct EMR

Hey there, thanks for your interest in Instinct EMR.


​Let’s talk about practice management software for a second. If you work in a veterinary hospital today, the words alone probably give you a punch-in-the-gut kind of feeling. But they shouldn't, and we never should have ended up here.


When you strip what we do down to the basics, you end up with just the care. That incredible feeling of helping sick and injured animals. For those of us on the front lines, that feeling is why we got into this. It’s why we committed huge chunks of our life to it. Our days are challenging, sure, but they are still immensely rewarding.


That’s how work used to feel all the time, but then things changed.


The state of veterinary practice is shifting rapidly. We used to see each new patient with joy. Now all we see is a pile of digital work full of unnecessary clicks, tabs, and workarounds. Somewhere along the way, our practice management systems have become the thing that slows us down, gets in our way, and keeps us working late.


From the business office to the treatment floor, even in the most advanced practices, caring for animals today can feel like one giant life-sucking chore. Rather than delight in our software, it feels like we’re simply left dealing with it. 


And yet, software remains a miracle in most other parts of our lives. Thanks to great software, we manage our lives with efficiency and enjoyment. But we can’t seem to get that in our practices. 


Until now. Meet Instinct EMR.


Is it full practice management software? Absolutely. But it's also anti-practice-management-software. The whole system needed a dust off, so we started from scratch. Back to basics. Think of it as a do-over. A rethink. A fresh start. A revolution. We believe that software that actually helps — helps us provide better care, run better practices, and care for our caretakers — is still entirely possible.


If you already use Instinct Treatment Plan, then you know what we mean. Instinct EMR is our bold new approach to simple, helpful, thoughtful—and dare we say, magical—software for the way we practice today (and tomorrow), and it’s designed by the only team that could: you, we, us.


Instinct EMR is our love letter to the profession, for the way modern practice software should be, and we're excited to send it to you.


Thanks for joining,

Caleb and the Instinct Team


Want in?

Instinct EMR is now available to the market widely and already powering some of the largest and most advanced centers out there! To see it in action, just request a demo. And when you do, drop us a note about what you love or hate about your software. Let’s do this!

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