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What’s the Difference?
Instinct Treatment Plan vs Instinct EMR

Treatment Plan

Instinct Treatment Plan is a workflow system that serves as a patient nerve center, digitizing outpatient and inpatient treatment flows.

Instinct EMR

Built out of our meticulously designed Instinct Treatment Plan, Instinct EMR is a single system to help you keep track of patient history, treat your patients, collaborate with your team, communicate with clients, and track business analytics from one place.

🎉 We’re partners in your success


All Instinct products include ongoing support to make sure you succeed with Instinct.

24/7 support
Industry-leading onboarding and implementation
2-minute average response time 
Ongoing training and resources 

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Join the 85,000+ veterinary professionals who trust Instinct as their patient nerve center

“Medically, we feel safer than ever. Financially, since implementing Instinct in our practice, we've observed a consistent improvement in charge capture for both outpatient treatments and recurring inpatient charges, averaging an increase of 10-14% monthly.”

Brett Levitzke, Chief Medical Officer, VERG 

“I can’t say enough about the people at Instinct. We trust your team more than any other provider ever.”

Michelle Wright, Practice Manager at Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic

Instinct is by far the most elegant piece of veterinary software that any of us have used. The best way I can describe it is that they take the best components of other applications that I use every day (banking, Amazon, Facebook) and incorporate those to make a very intuitive product. It's like having a great surgical assistant who knows what you need before you ask for it—but vet software!

Peggy Sayer, DVM, DACVIM, Owner / Cardiology Specialist, Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency

  • How secure is Instinct?
    With Instinct, your practice benefits from top-tier security and privacy standards right from the start. Our system is built on a foundation of HIPAA-compliant infrastructure and bank-grade security, ensuring your data is protected with the highest level of care. Plus, we've got your backups covered, so you can focus on providing excellent care without worrying about data safety.
  • How does pricing work?
    At Instinct, we've simplified pricing to support your hospital's growth without the complexity. Unlike traditional software companies that charge high one-time and monthly fees, our approach is straightforward and adaptive. Instinct only charges a small setup fee and a monthly fee that’s tailored to your hospital’s size. This fee comprises a fixed platform rate plus a variable component based on your monthly revenue—ensuring you only pay for what you use. Plus, with Instinct, you can say goodbye to hidden costs and enjoy all software updates and enhancements at no extra charge.
  • What training and support options do you provide to ensure a smooth implementation process?
    Instinct offers both in-person and virtual training for our hospitals that are just getting started with Instinct. Our team will work with you to ensure that the entire team is up to speed and feels comfortable with the software. Our support team is accessible through phone, email, or directly in Instinct using our support chat.

Hospitals around the world rely on Instinct to improve daily workflows, save hours of precious time, boost employee collaboration and retention, and uncover missed revenue.

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