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Welcome to
the Future of Veterinary Care
Modern practices need modern practice software. Instinct is packed with an ever-growing list of features to help power centers big and small.

Enter Instinct, a new type of veterinary hospital software from a new type of team


Improve Care

We help care teams get on the same page, reduce errors, and be more thorough.

Save Time

Built-in automation promotes team harmony, elevates efficiency, and boosts staff morale.

Boost your hospital’s revenue

Unlock 10-20% of previously lost revenue, directly enhancing your practice's profitability with Instinct's precise charge capture.
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Your Care, Powered by Ours

Every Instinct hospital gets a system that is ready to go, right out of the box. You also get our friendly, expert team that believes adopting new tools should be a peaceful and enjoyable experience.


Why Instinct?

Easy to Adopt.png

Easy to Adopt

Setup nightmare, no more. Instinct  runs on the hardware that you already use. And when it comes to installation and training, we handle it all. 

Easy to Use_4x.png

Easy to Use

Skip the complex manuals. Instinct is straightforward to use from the get-go.

Lightning Fast.png

Lightning Fast

Instinct is built for speed and power. It is specifically designed to run the most advanced veterinary care centers on Earth.

Works from Home_4x.png

Works From Home

Instinct is fully cloud-based so you can provide optimal care from anywhere. Manage your patients from the clinic, coffee shop, soccer game, or home. 

Expert Team.png

Built by an Expert Team

We are workflow-obsessed veterinary professionals and efficiency geeks who have years of experience developing point-of-care tools for the veterinary world. 


Instinct Is Automation

Helpful automation is baked in. We connect the dots so your already great teams can be even better via tools like integrated calculators, thoughtful templates, and smart billing.


Connect Everything

Instinct offers an ever-growing list of connections to major software, diagnostic services, and other third-party providers. 


Security Taken Seriously

Instinct hospitals get our HIPAA-level infrastructure, bank-level security, and gold-standard data privacy out of the box. We even handle all your backups.


Introducing Instinct Decision Support: The Future of Veterinary Software

Instinct is more than just another system to manage your practice.


Help your teams make the best decisions at the point of care with an Instinct platform packed with industry-first tools. These peer-reviewed decision support features are constantly growing and include:

  • Patient Safety Warning Systems

  • Plumb's Veterinary Drugs built-in

  • Integrated reference tools

  • Teaching modes

  • Predictive estimates

  • Checklists for thorough care

  • Invoice audit automation

  • And more!


Every Instinct system comes standard with these capabilities—and it won't stop there. We're committed to offering constant advancements to greatly improve this functionality over time.

Introducing Instinct.png

Happier Teams, Healthier Patients, Better Business

Replace limited analog systems and complicated workarounds with Instinct and provide hospital-wide control, coordination, and efficiency. Treat, schedule, triage, diagnose, communicate, chart, order, track, research, trend, discharge, categorize, invoice, care —


— You can do it all in Instinct.


Workflow at the Core

Instinct is the only system with care at its heart. 

Everything is centered around the Instinct treatment sheets, outpatient workup systems, and tasking to uniquely automate mundane tasks

Tools like our checklists, templates, live predicted billing, triage tagging, and communication flags supercharge team efficiency. 

Actually Go Paperless

We're on a mission to actually help your hospital go fully electronic.


This includes on-screen digital signature capture, true veterinary e-prescribing, built-in digital client registration, consent forms, charting, estimates, and task tracking dashboards. 


Be Proud of Printed Documents

The documents you export, email, and print for clients and partners not only represent your team's work product, they also drive compliance and patient care.


We think it's time to treat them that way. That's why we designed beautiful, clean, and branded documents that clients will love. 

Analyze Anything

We infuse analytics and tracking into everything we build with the ultimate goal of automation, which is why we call it Instinct


Our growing analytic reports provide unique and actionable insight into your financial, workflow, and medical data.


Supercharge Your Charge Capture

Instinct is the first and only veterinary software not just fully integrated with, but truly built out of a digital workflow system.


This powerful design allows Instinct to automate most fee structures and become the main upstream charge capture driver at your center, helping you obtain an estimated 10 to 20% boost in annual bottom line revenue. 

Automate Referral and Client Sharing

Modern practice management software should come with modern practice management tools.


Simple ways to export and share documents with clients and referring veterinarians are included via the Instinct Shareville Portals. 


You can even automate sharing with tools like welcome texts or check in/out emails.  


Streamline With Integrations

Instinct offers a growing list of seamless integrations with existing practice software systems as well as industry-leading laboratory, radiology, pharmacy cabinets, and business tools such as payment processors.


Over time, our integration footprint will continue to expand. 

Obsess Over the Details

Instinct comes with a polished user interface and mature code base that's constantly getting better. 


We've thought of it all with small but powerful tools such as bulk edit, a patient summary cover page, duplication abilities, copy/paste, robust event logging, and more. 

In short, it comes with the kind of thoughtfully designed user experience you could only find from the team that uses their own software in practice.


Smile at Your Software

Team happiness fuels team efficiency. Instinct is built to keep your entire team smiling.


From its zero-down-time software updates, to our inspiration messages, to its super-simple interface and its carefully chosen colors and imagery, Instinct is unlike anything your team has experienced.

Simple, Easy to Adopt, Award Winning

With Instinct, there's no lost time to set up: it's customized and ready to use on day one.


There’s no expensive IT setup: Instinct is cloud-based so you don’t need servers.


And there's no worrying about backups, security, or data: Instinct follows human healthcare gold standards.


There’s a good reason we’re only a few years old, but already winning awards.


Instinct Careville: 24/7 Experts at Your Service

Becoming an Instinct hospital is just the start of a long-term partnership toward optimal efficiency and patient care.


To that end, we're taking a different approach to software. The summary? We care.


Our friendly expert team is just a chat or email away. Any time. Any day.

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