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Meet Instinct

The New Operating System for the Modern Animal Hospital

Behind every great case outcome, there's Instinct — innovative software for an industry that needs it. Our growing platform keeps veterinary hospitals efficient, patients safe, and charges captured.

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Powerful alone, even better together


Instinct Treatment Plan

A stand-alone workflow system that serves as your patient nerve center, digitizing outpatient and inpatient treatment flows.


Instinct EMR

A full electronic medical records and practice management system, built out of our meticulously designed Treatment Plan platform.

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Instinct Scripts

A first-of-its-kind e-prescribing module connecting veterinary practices and pharmacies to streamline Rx and refill workflows. 


Modernize your existing workflows with Instinct and watch your team go.

Peaceful Charting

Your entire team spends the bulk of their shifts writing and referencing medical records.


Help them document care rapidly, thoroughly, and safely with an enjoyable new approach to chart writing, designed by veterinary experts.

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Busy Outpatient Environments_2.0.png

Busy Outpatient Workups

Outpatient treatment planning is the key to any great ER, specialty, or general practice visit.


With Instinct's Outpatient Workup System, you can organize both the emergency room and the busy day practice with automated charge capture, vitals management, digital travel sheets, and hospital-wide communication boards. 

Front Desk Coordination

Your care is only as good as your front desk service. Managing busy waiting rooms calls for a coordinated team armed with real-time information.


Empower your front desk team with a bird's-eye view of your clients and patients via convenient tools such as Status Boards, live billing metrics, and wait time forecasting.


Inpatient Treatment Sheets

Digitizing paper flow sheets isn’t enough. We carefully researched and considered every aspect of how to care for sick hospitalized patients in advanced veterinary centers.


Instinct’s Treatment Plan provides a clear path to optimized client communication, patient care, and team efficiency. From the ICU to the busy step-down ward, we’ll help your hospital run like magic.

Boarding Patient Management

Streamline and coordinate your boarding and grooming services with Instinct’s outpatient and inpatient tools. 


The Instinct platform gives your hospital management team peace of mind through accountability and monitoring capabilities from afar.


Invoice Auditing in Real Time

Go from manual to automatic for all your billing activities with a unique invoice audit system after Instinct becomes your main upstream patient activity tracker. 


Combined with modern payment methods and our advanced connections to other practice software systems, your staff will never frown at clerical tasks like charge capture again.

Large Animal and Zoo Center Workflows

Equine hospital, large animal practice, and zoo center patient care require unique coordination.


Instinct's tailored large animal and zoo center workflow tools are tested in some of the most advanced large animal centers on Earth.


University and Teaching Centers

From the university to the internship training program, Instinct's industry-first student permissions and teaching tools transform your clinics by supporting an environment where veterinary learning comes together with efficient, safe, and high quality patient and client care.

Corporate Groups

Instinct is built for scale. Our tools are designed to support multi-location initiatives, protect data privacy, help compare practice performance, and provide a bird's eye view of overall group analytics.


They also connect to a wide range of systems to handle the unique needs of enterprise.


Finally, our expert support team and streamlined onboarding process can be trusted to do the heavy lifting in partnership with any group, large or small. 


The Instinct

Veterinary software has been defined for far too long by clunky interfaces with limited functionality, built by humans who have never walked a day in our shoes.

We're veterinary professionals and technology experts who understand that healing animals is challenging, chaotic, and stressful work. And that work is made more difficult by frustrating technology.


So we set out to do something different. We believe technology, if thoughtfully designed, can actually help.


Instinct is different. It's infused with careful attention to detail and the deep understanding of what it takes to run a busy hospital.


It's built specifically for critical care settings as well as busy outpatient environments. It's constantly getting better. And it's everything you need to run an efficient, modern, streamlined veterinary practice.


State-of-the-Art Veterinary Practices Are Powered by Instinct


Instinct is by far the most elegant piece of veterinary software that any of us have used. The best way I can describe it is that they take the best components of other applications that I use every day (banking, amazon, facebook) and incorporate those to make a very intuitive product. It's like having a great surgical assistant who knows what you need before you ask for it—but vet software!

Peggy Sayer, DVM, DACVIM

Owner / Cardiology Specialist

Instinct has been a game changer in the way that we run the clinics. Making the move to Instinct has freed up our doctors’ time so that they can focus on doing their job – spending time with patients, clients and in our case, teaching our students. The program is easy to learn and generates clear, easy to follow treatments that we use in all our patients, from simple outpatient procedures to complex critical care cases. Thank you Instinct!

Gareth Buckley, BVetMed, DACVECC
Critical Care Specialist / Small Animal Medical Director

md logo.png

As an early user of the new Instinct EMR, all I can say is we LOVE this software! Before starting our hospital, we had the luxury of working with several top software companies. I can happily report that there is NO software out there like Instinct. It’s been incredibly easy for our team to learn which is unheard of in veterinary software. The best way to describe Instinct is that it’s easy like an iPhone. You just click/touch things and can figure stuff out. It's like Google married Apple and made a veterinary software baby with all the best features!

Joanna Parr, VMD

Owner / ER Veterinarian

Instinct is proud to be trusted by some of the most advanced care centers on Earth.

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