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Supercharged Veterinary Software For The World’s Leading Animal Hospitals
Mission-critical software for advancing your practice. Elevate your patient care, streamline your team’s work, and capture more revenue.
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The industry's first practice management software built with fully integrated digital treatment sheets, so you can keep track of patient history and treat your patients from one place. We call this an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) platform because it’s practice management software and so much more.


Instinct EMR

Built on the foundation of the industry’s most powerful digital treatment plan, Instinct EMR is an end-to-end practice management system that gives you a 360-degree view of medical records, patient and business analytics, and hospital-wide communications.


Instinct Treatment Plan

A stand-alone workflow system that serves as your patient nerve center, digitizing outpatient and inpatient treatment flows.

We support the caretakers at the world's leading veterinary hospitals with software that’s as powerful as it is easy to use, helping teams provide exceptional patient care, improve efficiency, and reduce burnout.

Improved Workflow
& Staff Efficiency

Instinct serves as your patient nerve center, helping you reduce staff burnout and restore work-life harmony with streamlined processes and intuitive user interfaces. Replace time-consuming manual workflows with on-screen digital signature capture, consent forms, charting, estimates, and task tracking dashboards.

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Integrated Digital Treatment Sheets

Say goodbye to manual data entry and paper records. Streamline your entire daily workflow with a single, centralized location for all patient history and treatment information.

Increased Revenue Growth and Practice Profitability

Collect and track all treatment charges via Instinct to help grow your practice and patient base, competitively compensate staff, and prevent paying for uncollected services. Instinct enables automated billing through seamless integration of treatment sheets and PIMS, eliminates invoice data entry and manual billing errors, streamlines payment processing, and boosts practice profitability by 5% to 10% or more.

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Enhanced Patient Outcomes

With features like rapid patient registration, built-in medical references, and automatic dose calculations, Instinct empowers your veterinary team to provide better patient care than ever before. Access industry-leading patient safety warning systems, vitals management, and more to reduce medical errors and create a safer environment for all patients.

Unparalleled Support

Access training resources anytime, and live-chat our team of experienced veterinary professionals 24/7 as you keep your practice running smoothly.


With Instinct, you'll be investing in a future-proof solution built by fellow veterinarians, tailored to the unique needs of your practice, and evolving on pace with our industry.

Ready to unleash your practice's full potential?

Who Uses Instinct?

Emergency and Specialty Hospitals

Founded by an ER veterinarian in a leading specialty center, Instinct was specifically built for the unique needs of modern advanced care centers. This includes many of Instinct’s core features designed with critical care settings in mind—from automated drug calculators and patient safety warnings to digital anesthesia modes, a built-in referring veterinarian portal, triage systems, rapid registration, and hospital-wide communication boards.


Corporate Groups

Our systems are built for scale, designed from the inside out to support multiple locations, protect data privacy and security, and provide an analytical bird's-eye view of data across the enterprise.

Instinct connects with a wide range of software and hardware tools to maximize team efficiency in handling the unique needs of corporate practices.

Our expert support team provides a streamlined onboarding process while doing all the heavy lifting in partnership with any group, large or small.

University and Teaching Centers

We are proud to be training the next generation of veterinarians: From university and residency training centers to internship programs, Instinct's industry-first student permissions and teaching tools power the majority of US teaching hospitals.


Who We Are

Veterinary software has been defined for far too long by clunky interfaces with limited functionality, built by humans who have never walked a day in our shoes.

We're veterinary professionals and technology experts who understand that healing animals is challenging, chaotic, and stressful work. And that work is made more difficult by frustrating technology.​

So we set out to do something different. We believe technology, if thoughtfully designed, can actually help.
Instinct is infused with careful attention to detail and the deep understanding of what it takes to run a busy hospital.

We exist to see you succeed in a profession that is as demanding as it is rewarding and meaningful. We are your peers, and we’re committed to building everything you need to run an efficient, modern veterinary practice as our industry evolves.


State-of-the-Art Veterinary Practices Are Powered by Instinct

Instinct is by far the most elegant piece of veterinary software that any of us have used. The best way I can describe it is that they take the best components of other applications that I use every day (banking, Amazon, Facebook) and incorporate those to make a very intuitive product. It's like having a great surgical assistant who knows what you need before you ask for it—but vet software!


Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency

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