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Instinct simplifies the most critical part of your workflow by streamlining teams, improving documentation, capturing missed charges, and optimizing care.

Modernize your existing workflows with Instinct and watch your team go.


Outpatient Workup System

Outpatient treatment planning is the key to any great referral or general practice visit.


Instinct’s Outpatient Workup System is designed to organize both the emergency room and the busy day practice with built-in Vitals Management, Digital Travel Sheets, and Communication Boards.

Inpatient Treatment Sheets

Digitizing paper flow sheets isn’t enough. We carefully researched and considered every aspect of how to care for sick hospitalized patients in advanced veterinary centers.


Instinct’s Treatment Plans provide a clear path to optimized client communication, patient care, and team efficiency. From the ICU to the busy step-down ward, we’ll help your hospital run like magic.

Front Desk Coordination

Your care is only as good as your front desk workflow. Managing busy waiting rooms necessitates a coordinated team armed with real-time information.


Instinct’s Status Boards provide your front desk team with a bird's-eye view of your clients and patients in the moment.

Boarding Patient Management

Our Boarding Patient Management Systems leverage Instinct’s outpatient and inpatient tools to coordinate the unique aspects of running a streamlined boarding and grooming service, all while providing management with accountability and monitoring capabilities from afar.

Real-Time Invoice Auditing

From day one, Instinct becomes your main upstream patient activity tracker.


Instinct’s Invoice Audit Tool allows teams to turn those activities into captured charges with ease. With the help of our advanced connection to your practice software, your staff will never look askance at clerical tasks like charge capture again.

Large Animal and Zoo

Center Workflows

Equine hospital, large animal practice, and zoo center patient care requires unique coordination. 

Wherever you practice medicine, Instinct's built-in and tailored tools leverage our advanced features to push your teams forward.

Teaching Center Tools

From the university to the internship training program, Instinct's industry-first student permissions and teaching tools transform your clinics by supporting an environment where veterinary learning and efficient, safe, high quality patient and client care can all come together.

We're veterinary professionals and technology experts who understand that healing animals is challenging, chaotic, and stressful work. And we know that work is made more difficult when done through the filter of frustrating technology.


So we set out to do something different. We believe technology, if thoughtfully designed, can actually help.

Instinct is different. It's infused with careful attention to detail and the deep understanding of what it takes to run a busy hospital.


It's built specifically for critical care settings as well as busy outpatient environments. It's constantly getting better. And it's everything you need to run an efficient, modern, streamlined veterinary practice. 

The Instinct Difference



State-of-the-Art Veterinary Practices are Powered by Instinct


Transitioning from a different electronic system to Instinct has been one of the best decisions we've ever made. After now years of use, I can happily report that Instinct has been an exciting addition to our hospital that makes workflow more efficient, captures fees, and is easy and fun to learn. At Coral Springs Animal Hospital, we love it.

Lloyd Meisels, DVM
Owner / Hospital Director

I love being able to get caught up on my patients in only a few moments.  Instinct is easy to learn and provides a clean and efficient interface which offers deceptively complex and thoughtful features.

Dennis Slade, DVM, DACVIM
Internal Medicine Specialist

I honestly couldn't recommend Instinct enough. It allows our very very busy practice to care for our patients more efficiently and effectively. We used to use handwritten treatment sheets that were difficult to decipher and often couldn't be located; Instinct has eliminated that completely. The team is the most supportive and responsive IT group I have ever worked with.

Sheryl Valente, MPA
Managing Director

Instinct is proud to be trusted by some of the most advanced care centers on Earth.


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